Femme Fatales

They are  hard, ruthless  and  fatal.  They are the femme fatales of film noir.  They'll do what ever it takes to  get what they want. They are motivated by greed, lust, jealousy and revenge.  They use their charm, wit,  and sex  and  few men have a chance.

Here are some of the best femme fatale portrayals in film noir.   Select the play button to see them in action.

Faiith Domergue

Where Danger Lives  1950

Ann Savage

Detour  1945

Audrey Totter

Tension  1949

Jane Greer

Out Of The Past  1946

Hillary Brooke

Heat Wave  1954

  Jean Cagney

Quicksand  1950

  Lizabeth Scott       

To Late For Tears 1949

Quicksand  1950

Marie Windsor

The Killing  1956

  Claire Trevor

Johnny Angel 1945

  Jean Simmons

Angel Face 1953