An Act Of Murder   1948  Universal

Beware My Lovely  1949   The Filmakers

Big Boodle, The  1957  Monteflor Inc.  

Big House U.S.A.   1955  Bel-Air Productions

Big Night, The   1951  Philip A. Waxman Productions  

Big Steal, The  1949  RKO

Blackmail  1947  Republic

Blind Spot  1947  Columbia  

Blues In The Night  1941  Warner Bros.   

Bungalow 13 1948  Belsam Productions

Bury Me Dead   1947   Producers Releasing Corp.  

C-Man 1949   Laural Films

Calling Homicide   1956  Allied Artists

Call Northside 777   1948  Paramount

Canon City 1948  Bryon Foy Productions

Caught   1945  Enterprise Productions

Chain Of Evidence  1957  Allied Artists  

Checkered Coat, The  1948  Belsam Productions   

City Of Fear  1959  Columbia   

Cobra Strikes, The  1948  Ben Stoloff Productions   

Confidence Girl 1952  Andrew L. Stone Productions  

Cop Hater  1958   Barbizon Productions

Couch, The  1962  Warner Bros.

Counterfeit Plan, The  1957  Merton Park Studios

Crime By Night 1944  Warner Bros.    

Criminal Court  1946  RKO  

Criminal Lawyer  1951   Columbia  

Crooked Road, The  1940  Republic   

Dangerous Crossing   1953  20th Century Fox   

Dangerous Intruder  1945  Producers Releasing  Corp.  

Dangerous Passage  1944  Pine Thomas Productions   

Date With Death  1959  Miller Consolidated Pictures   

Dead Ringer  1964  Warner Bros.   

Deadline For Murder   1946  Sol M. Wurtzel Productions

Decoy   1946  Monogram

Dial Red 0  1955   Allied Artists  

Don’t Gamble With Strangers 1946  Monogram

Double Confession* 1950   Stratford Pictures

Escape In The Fog   1945  Columbia

Experiment Alcatraz  1951  Edward L. Cahn Productions

Eyes In The Night  1942  MGM  

Fall Guy  1947  Monogram   

Fat Man, The 1951  Universal  

Fatal Witness, The   1945   Republic

Fear No More   1961   Scaramouche Production s

Find The Blackmailer  1943  Warner Bros.   

Fingers At The Window  1942  MGM  

Flame, The 1947  Republic  

Flight From Destiny  1941   Warner Bros.

Footsteps In The Dark  1957  Allied Artists  

Gambler And The Lady, The  1952  Lippert Pictures   

Gentleman After Dark, A  1942  Edward Small Productions   

Girl On The Run  1953  Rose Tree   

Glass Web, The  1954  Universal   

Guns, Girls And Gangsters  1959  Edward Small Productions   

Hideout  1949  Republic    

House By The River 1950  Republic

Human Jungle, The   1954  Allied Artists

I Mobster  1959  ALCO  Productions  

Inside Job  1946  Universal   

Invisible Informer, The  1946  Republic   

Invisible Wall, The  1947  Sol M. Wurtzel Productions   

Journey Into Fear  1943  RKO

Kid Glove Killer  1942  MGM

Kill Or Be Killed   1950   Juno Productions  

Killer At Large   1947  PRC

Kiss The Blood Off My Hands  1948  Universal  

Lady Gambles, The  1949  Universal  

Lady On A Train  1945  Universal  

Leopard Man, The  1943  RKO

Lonely Hearts Bandits  1950  Republic  

Make Haste To Live  1954   Republic

Man From Headquarters  1942  Monogram

Miami Expose  1956  Clover Productions   

Missing Women  1951  Republic

Murder Is My Business  1947  Sol M. Wurtzel Productions   

My Name Is Julia Ross  1945  Columbia   

Night Freight   1955  William Brody Productions

Night In New Orleans, A  1942  

Night Without Sleep   1953  20th Century Fox   

Nightmare Alley  1947  20th Centry Fox   

No Man Of Her Own  1950  Paramount

No Place For A Lady   1943  Larry Darmour Productions    

Open Secret  1948  Harry Brandt Productions   

Other Woman, The  1954  Hugo Hasas Productions   

Out Of The Storm  1948  Republic  

Payoff, The  1943  Producers Releasing Corp.

People Against O’Hara  1951  MGM

Perilous Waters  1948  Norwalk Productions

Pickup  1951  Columbia  

Post Office Investigator  1949  Republic   

Raging Tide, The  1951  Universal

Roses Are Red  1947  Sol M. Wurtzel Productions   

Screaming Mimi 1958  Sage Productions   

Second Woman, The  1950  Cardinal Pictures   

Second Chance  1947  Sol M. Wurtzel Porductions

Shadow Of A Woman  1946  Warner Bros.   

Shadowed  1946  Columbia  

Silent Witness  1943  Monogram

Six Bridges To Cross  1955  Universal

Spider, The  1945  20th Century Fox   

Step By Step  1946  RKO

Step Down To Terror  1958   Universal  

Strange Mrs. Crane, The  1948  John Sutherland Productions

Strange Triangle   1946  20th Century Fox  

Strangers In The Night  1944  Republic

Sudden Danger  1957   Allied Artists  

Sweet Smell Of Success, The   1957   Hecht-Hill-Lancaster  Prod

Take One False Step  1950  Universal   

Tarnished  1950  Republic   

This Woman Is Dangerous  1952  Warner Bros.

Traffic In Crime    1946  Republic

Three Stops To Murder  1953  Hammer Films   

Three Strangers  1946  Warner Bros.

Treasure Of The Sierra Madre  1948  Warner Bros.   

Tip On A Dead Jockey  1957  MGM   

To The Ends Of The Earth  1948  Columbia

Toughest Man Alive, The  1955  William Brody Productions    

Truth About Murder, The  1946  RKO

Twelve Hours To Kill   1960   Associated Producers  

Two  Mrs. Carrolls, The  1946  Warner Bros.    

Two Smart People  1946  MGM   

Under Age  1941  Columbia   

Unholy Partners  1941  MGM   

Unmasked  1950  Republic  

Vice Raid  1960  Edward Small Productions   

Walk Softly Stranger  1950  RKO

Walking Target, The   1960  Zeneth Productions  

Whistle Stop  1946  Nero Films   

Without Warning  1952  Allart Productions

 *  British production with American lead actor distributed in U.S.

Near Noirs

These films contain elements of film noir but  are inconsistent in projecting the overall theme of the genre.   That’s not to say they aren’t compelling  films in their own right, which most are.   Of course, it’s an objective opinion.      Selecting on  the film will bring up additional information.